Savel founder team had began with the mission to meet the technology with the Fuel World and laid the foundations of the company foundations which industry experience and knowledge and the principles of honesty and a brand new concept combining the company.
We aim to keep the customer’s satisfaction at the maximum level, with the high quality products and customer-focused solutions and our own unique designs, as well as foreign origined quality equipments on every areas of the fuel sector.
Our main principles are competitive prices as well as for the service station equipments to reduce costs and maintain high profit margins to our distributors. Over the widespread sale of all our days are done through our dealer network. Thus, it also provides services through these dealers, sales of the products and services, maintenance is done efficiently and quickly, the quality of after sales service is held at a high level.
We want to introduce the technology, not only today's also with the future’s one. The future technology has will come with the new and modern products . It requires continuous research and development. So this will make different and arise Savel, from the other firms in the industry.

Suleyman Sahin / General Manager