On-line Sales Tracking

The instant the status of each pump can be pursued as a simple screen and can be seen the recent sales in the form of a list.
The representented fuel pump's display changes color depending on the sales of the fuel types. Thus, sales can be easily done as a visual tracking.
If the customer used SCARD, the sign of the swiped card's number and customer's name appears the screen.
When the sales completed the transactions simultaneously display both the customer and current sales information is processed.
After every sale, sales information is added to the customer account and the database and wins points amount the rate of sales.

Promotion System

Specific card design for the station.
Tracking the promotion points with the cards which will be given to each customer.
Adding online scores with the APS2007 module is fitted with the pumps.
Inventory tracking of promotional gifts will be given.
After giving gifts and products stores and customer score decreases with automatically

Client Tracking System

New customers registration will easily with the card identify section.
At the card section, the customer's inquiry of how many points that were previously entered, personal information and other details can be easily questioned.
Debt query section is optional. If the credit as well as integrated monitoring system has been preferred, credit and cash sales for each customer's current information will be reflected automatically with this feature.
It is possible to sort the customer records by criteria such as points, name, last name, card number.

Pump Man Monitoring System

Supports up to 32 or 64 pump men.
Each entry provides detailed information for every pump man's process.
It offers to tracking shift basis sales on every pump man.
One-touch access to the information about the process of every pump man.
Any pump man's all-time sales process and performance information can be displayed easily.

Shift Tracking System

Supports up to 16 pumps.
It shows each pump's all sales along the shifts.
Separately indicates the amount of sales made during the shift for each fuel type.
One-touch access to the sales information any shift of the pump.
Any pump's all-time sales and performance information can be displayed easily.
Any type of fuel can be made easily accessible to the general sales information.

Virtual Tank Automation

Supports up to 12 fuel tanks.
The amount of fuel would be added when the case entered in the amount of fuel stored information is processed.
Provides detailed information for each tank.
Can be observed continuously in a small icon shows the occupancy rate of the tank.
One-touch access to all data on any tank that is available.
The total fuel inventory information of any kind can be displayed easily.