Tank Automation System

A simple interface via PC with easy level monitoring of all tanks.
The estimated time remaining fuel calculation according to statistics and daily sales figures.
An ability of alarm in case for the critical level.
The most efficient way to track fuel levels with auto-calibration feature.
Give a report sales charges calculated during the filling with the automation system integration to the existing pumps
Tracking the amount of fuel in stock, according to fuel type.
An easy integration with new technologies and products SAVEL with a flexible system design.

Tank Level Probe

A microprocessor measuring system feature.
Programmable parameters and settings.
Digital auto gain control.
Digital temperature sensor.
Ex-proof and water proof protection.
Real-time level values.
Perception different situations and reporting as the status report.
Magnetostrictive technology.

Magneto Tank Probe

Microcontroller based measurement system Bidirectional Communication via industrial RS485 Bus - one cable for all probes More than 16 probes on the bus , 16bit CRCcontrol Programable Paramaters and Settings - via RS485 bus - HSM protocol: Device Address,Speed of Wire,SensorCounts,Measurement Period Digital Auto Gain Control Digital Temperature Sensing - more than 1 temperature sensor Flameproof & waterproof enclosure The synchronized position values are easily obtined via HSM protocol Sensor based inteligence,built-in diagnostic with status report

Parameter & Specification

Measured Variable: Displasement - Fuel & Water
Level Resolution: 0.030mm
Non Linearity: +/- 0.01%
Repetability: Equal to Resolution
Hysteresis: < 0.005mm
Temperature Accuracy: 0.1 C
Connention: RS485 bus
Data Protocol : HSM protocol
Measuring range: 100mm to 4000mm
Dead Zone : 30mm
Data Refresh Time: 100mS
Operating Voltage: 24V DC +/-10%
Power Consuption: < 80mA tipical
Operating Temperature: Head Electronics -40 to +70 C
Sensing Element -40 to +100 C
Operating Pressure: 5000 PSI Continuous
EMC Test: DIN EN50081-1 (Emission)
DIN EN50082-2(Immunity)
Enclosure: IP – 56 , IP - 68
Explosion proof category Ex d ||B T4 N 1567
REG No:91-LI(13) 02.02.2008
EN 60 079-1 EN 60 079-0 039/14/09/2011
Cable Requirements: 4pair / shilded
Maximum relative humidity: (0...98)% (non-condensing)
Mounting Distance: max 2000 meters
Used Sensors : 1 or 2 SW selectable