With 4-6-8 Stage Options

SAVEL Stage Pumps are self-priming centrifugal pumps with the ability to transfer liquids with gasification characteristics to the desired efficiency. The Stage Pumps provide suitable solutions for liquids under the vapor pressure, cooling gases, LPG applications and liguefied gases that do not contain solid particles and have a density of more than 0,500 gr/cm3. The Stage Pumps are performed better than positive displacement pumps with side channel designed and centrifugal pumps. Full open star type fans create a strong transfer effect on the liquid or liquid gas mixture that is transferred by adding together on the side channel bodies.

Technical Descriptions:

- Differential pressure ranging 0 to 35 bars (Density 1)
- High pressure at low flowrate
- Does not lose the transfer property when the liquid evaporaties up to 40%
- Self-priming
- Capacity max. 5m3/h
- Operating pressure max. 40bar
- Working temperature max. 100˚C
- Flange connection DN32,DN65

Why SAVEL Stage Pumps?

SAVEL Stage Pump allows to serve more LPG customers and increase your profitability in your station.
Meeting the increasing demand for LPG fuel continues to be a problem for Stations. There is a suitable SAVEL Stage Pump for your stations. SAVEL LPG Stage Pumps are designed to mazimize the profitability of the stations. It has been produced for stations with its high performance and strong stability.
Invisible Staff: Today, most of the stations sale constitute LPG. For this reason, it is absolutely unacceptable that stop sale of LPG. At this stage, SAVEL LPG Stage Pumps are come into prominence with suitable spare parts and easy service solutions. SAVEL knows that system of stations can not stay closed anyway. Because of this, LPG Stage Pumps should be preferred not only with price, but also with superior field performance and quality.

Quality & Cost

- Greater customer satisfaction through high performance,
- Lower operating noise
- Higher security protection
- Longer working life
- Less maintenance cost
- Increase your profitability with low operating costs
- Less power consumption compared to other competitors
- Need less maintenance
- High effiency for larger underground tanks
- 100% own production sp, we can provide special solutions for your stations.
- Low cost prices at LPG Stage Pumps
- Easy to install and use

Aspects on installation

1. The suction pipes must be configured such that there is a minimum of resistance. There should be no filters etc. which could impact high frictional loses and hinder the flow to the pump.
2. The minimum liquid tank level must consider flow resistance of the suction pipe the required NPSH of the pump.
3. Bypass pipes from discharge side to inlet or suction side are not allowed. The bypass backflow from the relief valve must be fed back to the storage tank.
4. If one pump has to fill several tanks with different LPG mixtures at different vapour pressures, efficient nonreturn valves or other suitable shut-off devices are required at the discharge side to avoid any service liquid blowing out during the change-over process.
5. Required differential pressure minimum: 1 – 3 bar if a vapour return line is connected between tanks. 3 - 5 bar if no vapour return line is installed. More than 5 bar in special cases, high temperature difference,high pipe resistant etc..
6. If more than one pump are connected with one tank a special header with right dimensions can distribute the fluid free of vapour.